Spots: Step 5 - Export

When you have completed the analysis of the TLC plates and want to create your own graphs or data comparison, it is good to be able to export data from the project. There are mainly two different ways to export data.

The first option is to go to the Plate Comparison (Plate Comparison) control view and copy data from the spot table. Compose your favourite spot table by altering the settings in the different panels. Then you select the whole spot data grid and press Ctrl + C on your keyboard. Open Notepad or Excel and paste the copied data.

The other option to export data is via the main toolbar menu (). You can click on the Export... menu item and select to export either to .xls or .csv format. Finally, you can click on the item Open Project in Excel in the File menu. This will open the project in Excel, provided that you have it installed on your computer.

This concludes the tutorial. If you have questions not answered here or need to contact us please click here. Remember that we provide free support.

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