JustTLC is the new generation of TLC analysis software that gives you the possibility to run chemistry experiments by using just TLC plates.

JustTLC gives you measuring accuracy suitable for high-throughput screening or analytical investigations and reliable results in minutes rather than hours.

  • Perform quantitative analysis on TLC plates in minutes.
  • Automatically detect and truly compare chromatograms in three dimensions.
  • Compare data from spots and plates.
  • Group and average plates for increased statistical reliability.
  • Display graphs and store TLC plates in projects.
  • Export data into Excel or other third party software for further custom analysis.
  • Print graphs, plates and data sheets.
  • Aids compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11.
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Analysis Modes

There are two different types of analysis modes available in JustTLC. They are illustrated below.





With only a few clicks, lanes or spots are accurately detected and quantified.

Start Page

JustTLC Start Page with list of recent projects, project templates and user guides.

Lane Analysis

In JustTLC it is easy to detect and quantify lanes. Even bent or nonvertical lanes are a simple task for the builtin optimized image analysis algorithms.

JustTLC Lane Analysis

Lane analysis in JustTLC, showing bands table, image and lane profile for two selected lanes.

Spot Analysis

JustTLC includes a highly reliable and accurate spot detection and quantification algorithm. In a few clicks TLC spots are measured and easily comparable via the straight forward user interface.

JustTLC Spot Analysis

Spot analysis in JustTLC, showing spot table, image and comparison graph.

In JustTLC it is possible to include serveral plates in one project, making it possible to visualize complex data relations in a comprehensive interactive overview.

JustTLC Plate Comparison

Plate comparison in JustTLC.

Example Setup (Visible Light)

Example Setup

An example setup using JustTLC. The scanner can be replaced by any type of digitalizing equipment such as a camera.

  • CanoScan LiDE25 - Color image scanner. Approximate retail price at $55.
  • Dell Vostro - Dell desktop computer and screen. Approximate retail price at $449.
  • JustTLC - TLC analysis software. For price info go here.

Example Setup (UV & Visible Light)

Use the same setup as above but replace the scanner with the high-end TLC scanner Chromimage. Chromimage scans in uv (254nm) and visible light.

Please visit AR2i for more information about Chromimage.